Graphic Novel Cover noir style of Ehrmantraut

Waves of Vice

“Waves of Vice: A San Diego Noir” is a captivating graphic novel set in the late 1970s, a period that encapsulates the essence of surf culture in the vibrant city of San Diego. This noir thriller follows the life of a charismatic surfer, whose passion for the waves is matched only by his descent into the city’s darker underbelly.

The story opens with our protagonist riding the waves, living a life that many would envy. His days are filled with the sun, the sea, and the freedom that comes with being one with the ocean. However, as the sun sets, a different side of San Diego comes to life – one that lures the surfer into a world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. The exhilarating highs of surfing are soon paralleled with the highs provided by illicit substances and the adrenaline of living on the edge.

As the surfer becomes more entangled in this nocturnal world, he finds himself caught in a web of organized crime. The graphic novel masterfully portrays the dual life of the protagonist – a revered figure on the beaches by day and a troubled soul lost in vice by night. The noir style of the narrative, with its dark and gritty undertones, perfectly captures the dichotomy of the surfer’s existence.

The story takes readers on a journey through the seedier streets of San Diego, where every corner holds a new temptation and every decision has potentially dire consequences. The protagonist’s struggle is not just against the external forces of the criminal world but also an internal battle with his own demons.

Artistically, “Waves of Vice” employs a vivid and dynamic style to depict the surfing scenes, contrasting sharply with the more static and tense noir elements. The use of color and shadow plays a significant role in setting the mood and tone of the story, drawing readers deeper into the surfer’s conflicted world.

“Waves of Vice: A San Diego Noir” is more than just a tale of crime and surfing; it’s a story about the choices one makes and how easily the line between right and wrong can blur. It’s a graphic novel that will appeal to fans of noir thrillers, surf enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates a story that explores the depths of human complexity. This novel is a gripping, visually stunning journey through the highs and lows of life in 1970s San Diego.